Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Limited

Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Limited, established in 1988, is the leading company in the forestry sector in Papua New Guinea. Its main activities are logging extraction and downstream processing, which includes sawn timber and veneer manufacturing. The estimated monthly production capacities for both sawn timber and veneer are 5,000 m3 each (based on 1 work shift). The average monthly production capacity for logging extraction is around 90,000 m3.

Our timber operation is in compliance with PNG’s forestry regulation. Monarch Investment Limited, RH’s subsidiary company, will invest into a large scale reforestation project in West New Britain Province. The reforestation project will involve massive planting in some 20,000 hectares of marginal flatlands and grasslands, old and abandoned garden areas, and less productive logged-over natural forestlands, with nursery-grown seedlings of high value and fast growing commercial tree species.

Meanwhile, it is the biggest exporter of sawn timber products in PNG and it exports mainly to the markets in Far East Asia (Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, China & Korea) and Australia.

Its mailing address and contact person are:
Address: Lot 1, Section 479, Kennedy Road, Gordon,
Port Moresby, NCD,
Papua New Guinea
Website: http://www.rhpng.com.pg

1) Ms. Olive Kiu
Marketing Manager (Sawn Timber & Veneer)
Tel: (675) 325 7677/ 311 3063
Fax: (675) 325 1367
Email: olivesjq@rhpng.com.pg

2) Mr. David Ung
Marketing Executive (Sawn Timber & Veneer)
Tel: (675) 325 7677/ 325 4951
Fax: (675) 325 7654
Email: davidung@rhpng.com.pg