RH Cares – Overview

Giving Back To Community
As a multi-national corporation operating all over the world, RH Group has made it a priority to enrich the local communities where it operates. The Group has set up access roads, bridges, drainage and sanitary amenities, clinics, places of worship, kindergartens and schools locally as well as abroad.

YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Sir Tiong Hiew King believes that every corporation owes its success to its community, and therefore, must have a living conscience and commitment towards supporting the social, cultural, educational and spiritual developments of that community.

With that commitment, YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Sir Tiong and RH Group had extended their warm and helping hands to the community, including the followings:

  • In 1982, RH Group set up the “Rimbunan Hijau Foundation” to provide financial assistance to the needy students.
  • In 1989, YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Sir Tiong personally donated a valuable piece of three-acre land in Sibu to the management of Chung Sing Primary School to build a new school (the school was forced to close down due to the repossession of the school land by its owners).
  • In 1994, after the completion of the new Sibu Hospital, RH Group donated a total of RM 200,000 for the hospital to build a recreational centre at the hospital compound.
  • To enhance moral and spiritual values in the community, RH Group has also contributed generously to religious activities and the construction of religious buildings, including a church at one of its interior logging camps in Kapit, Sarawak.