Others – Trading & Retail Services

Rimbunan Hijau General Trading (RHGT)
Since 1983, Rimbunan Hijau General Trading Sdn Bhd has developed an experienced procurement team capable of servicing the high volume and wide range of products and services mirroring the diverse nature of the Group’s businesses.

Its products include an enviable inventory of spare parts for a varied fleet of different brands and models of tractors, trucks, 4-wheel drive vehicles, generators, tyres and ancillary equipment as well as camp building materials.

RHGT successfully leverages its procurement and distribution expertise and networks and its truck assembly experience to win product representations and dealerships. In 1988, it was appointed a dealer for the Kenworth parts in Malaysia. Since then, it has been awarded Toyota Motors dealership and is the authorized dealer for PROTON vehicles.

Its service division, Kejuruteraan Utama Sentiasa Sdn Bhd (KUS) provides a broad spectrum of rebuilding, repairing and inspection services for transport equipment ranging from heavy tractors, excavators, and trucks to passenger vehicles. We have invested heavily in well-equipped service and fabrication workshops, calibration and testing centres and developed a team of experienced mechanics, fitters and technicians to deliver consistent performance and superior service.

In 1990, we set up a tyre retreading facility under All Round Tyres Sdn Bhd(ART). It applies advanced European tyre retread technology to extend the life of both highway and off-road trucks tyres. This initiative results in significant cost saving on tyres and proves successful in recycling a high volume of used tyres, reducing waste and environmental pollution of otherwise discarded tyres. It is another example of how we employ science to help achieve an environmentally friendly and sustainable business operation.

As the RH Group expands overseas, RHGT’s reliable services is again called upon to help give our overseas businesses a competitive edge in the efficient procurement and delivery of products. Its successful model has been replicated in some of our overseas operations.

Rejang Green Agriculture Supplies Sdn Bhd
Rejang Green Agriculture Supplies Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Rimbunan Hijau Group, was established on 2nd January, 2004. It serves as backline support for plantation companies in the Group. It supplies a variety of agricultural products ranging from fertilizer, fungicide, insecticide, herbicide, stimulant, surfactant to personal protective equipment and tools.

RH Trading – Papua New Guinea (PNG)
Another opportunity to leverage the depth of experience and expertise of our people in volume procurement and distribution activities was created with the establishment of RH Hypermarket Pty Ltd in PNG. Passing on discounts from bulk purchases to our customers, the Hypermarket has been well embraced by the local people in Port Moresby, PNG, as we help to lower their cost of ordinary household consumables without sacrificing product quality.