Oil Palm Plantations – Plantation & Processing Operations

RH Group’s venture into oil palm cultivation & processing started in 1988 with its first plantation located at Bakong Estate, near Miri, Sarawak. RH Group’s subsidiary, Rimbunan Sawit Berhad has become one of the significant players in Sarawak’s oil palm industry. More importantly, we have done this in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, ensuring zero open burning and controlled use of pesticides to reduce pollution of the soil and streams.

Modern agricultural practices have long been mainstays of our plantation operations. High quality seedlings are cultivated to ensure high yield and superior palm oil.

The future of palm oil cultivation is bright. The recent interest in bio-fuel in the wake of rising oil prices as well as rising demand from countries such as China is expected to increase demand for palm oil.

Palm Oil Mills
The two new palm oil mills (RH Lundu Palm Oil Mill, Kuching and RH Selangau Palm Oil Mill, Sibu) have boosted RH Group’s total mills in Sarawak to three. This has enabled us to process the oil palm fruits from both our own plantations and those of the neighbouring estates and smallholders.

Our state-of-the-art mills incorporate environmentally friendly mill design and employ latest technology (including PLC and SCADA) monitoring and automated control system to maximise the oil extraction rate from the Fresh Fruit Bunches and minimise oil loss, and also to maximise the extraction rate of the kernels.

We practise sound environmental practices. Under our zero wastage practice, empty fruit bunches are recycled as fibre for generating power supply. We treat mill effluent discharge in effluent ponds in strict adherence to Department of Environment standards to improve effluent water quality and reduce any adverse environmental impact on adjacent streams.

More than just processing facilities, our mills work closely alongside our R&D professionals to jointly explore other environmentally friendly and value-adding applications of the by-products.