Milestones – Expansion to Overseas (1986-1995)

In 1989, the Rimbunan Hijau Group (RH Group) took the challenge of entering Papua New Guinea. The country later became one of the major timber bases of the Rimbunan hijau Group in the Asia-Pacific region.

RH Group also started its first English language newspaper publishing business in Papua New Guinea (The National) in 1993.

RH Group ventured into softwood timber operations in 1990, acquiring timber concessions and operations in New Zealand. RH Group’s investments in New Zealand grew rapidly within 10 years. Today, it is a reputable corporate citizen there, involved in major timber operations and reforestation, owning the largest salmon farm in New Zealand, and engaging in property development and plastic-based products.

RH Group also spread its wings to Australia, China, and the African continent (Equatorial Guinea, Gabon).