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RH Tours & Travel Agency

In Malaysia, our travel service, RH Tours & Travel Agency Sdn Bhd with decades of experience, has developed a group of highly trained and motivated travel professionals who are able to meet our customers’ need for timely information and the flexibility to meet their travel needs.

RH Tours & Travel Agency offers special tours at affordable prices that everyone can enjoy. It also provides all kinds of travel related services, including booking hotel reservations, visa applications and arranging for travel insurance etc.

RH Tours & Travel Agency’s membership and partnership with IATA, & MATTA, reflects our commitment and assurance to our customers of the highest ethical business practices and activities.

Contact details:

  • Tel #: +60 84 316767
  • Fax #: +60 84 316185


Charming Holidays

Leveraging the close relationship between its related-company, Ming Pao Daily News and local education sector, our Hong Kong based travel operator, Charming Holidays has carved a niche market in offering reputable study tour packages. These packages caters to educated and sophisticated travellers interested in learning more about Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) and China.

With a reputable brand name, Charming Holidays is well placed to exploit the opportunities opened up by China’s membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Recognising the impact of technology on the tourism industry, Charming Holidays responded by setting up a travel portal,Charming Online Travel Ltd that allows customers to deal and transact directly with it over the Internet.

At the same time, Charming Holidays continues to expand its brand to the North American market, targeting the outbound travel sector. Accredited membership of, TICO and PATA assures its travellers of ethical business practices on the part of the tour operator. To be closer to its customer base, Charming Holidays has set up operations in the major cities of Toronto, Vancouver, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Contact details: