Forestry – Upstream & Downstream Timber Operations

Modern logging is business combined with ecological and social awareness. RH Group has been one of the pioneers in the use of ecologically based scientific forestry in South East Asia. Using the latest in modern aerial mapping technology, RH Group is able to selectively cut a concession area, resulting in a relatively undisturbed section in which natural reforestation can take place.

We practise Sustainable Forest Management
Being a major industry player, the RH Group fully accepts the stewardship responsibility in caring for our forests and practises Sustainable Forest Management in promoting the wise use of this valuable natural heritage.

Apart from generating economic benefits for Malaysia from our country’s timber resources, our commitment to Sustainable Forest Management and our investment in tree plantations enable us to keep the country green by helping to conserve the forests for the economic and environmental needs of future generations. RH Group is also committed to strict compliance of industry regulations in its areas of operations worldwide.

Planted Forest – Sustainable Resources
“Rimbunan Hijau” can be translated as “forever green”, reflecting YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Sir Tiong’s insistence of his “green” concept, also attesting to his concerns about the equilibrium of our ecosystem. Consequently, Rimbunan Hijau has drafted a set of strict management rules pertaining to logging, requiring the reafforestation of deforested lands in order to restore the ecological equilibrium. “Cut and plant” has become the guideline of Rimbunan Hijau underYBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Sir Tiong’s stewardship.

In tandem with our environmental pledge, we have launched our reafforestation program, to plant trees with faster growth rates. Rimbunan Hijau’s approach is selective cutting of trees in a meticulous manner and the preservation of young trees.

RH continues to plant trees in a large scale. We not only cut trees, we also plant. RH Group is actively planting trees to help boost regeneration rates of logged areas both locally and overseas e.g. Papua New Guinea (PNG). YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Sir Tiong is currently a director of the World Forest Center, and is doing his part in forest resources management, environmental protection as well as flood control.

Expanding forest areas through planted forests is important given the growing demand for wood fibre and non-wood products and services such as energy and carbon sequestration. The yield from the planted forest will lessen the pressure on the natural forest and help to avert the damage done to the natural forest.

Island Corridor Planting (ICP) is practised for the restoration of logged over forest and for increasing the wood volume and economic value of secondary forests. ICP mimics natural gap dynamics, protects the soil by maintaining vegetation on site, and minimises soil erosion.

Timber Processing
RH Group is the largest veneer-cum-plywood manufacturer in Malaysia (Jaya Tiasa Holdings Berhad). In 1995, we built the first particleboard factory in Sarawak (Subur Tiasa Holdings Berhad). Since then, the RH Group is also a key player in the production of laminated boards and other forms of value-added timber products. By processing wood wastes, our downstream processing activities help minimise wastage of valuable timber resources and improve environmental control by reducing the need for open burning or dumping of wood wastes.

In recent years, our success has facilitated our move beyond local borders. We have set up timber processing facilities in Papua New Guinea, Africa, China, and Russia.