Ernslaw One Ltd

Established in October 1990, Ernslaw One Limited’s main business is forestry. The main activities are logging extraction, sawn timber processing and reforestation. Its reforestation project, which involves the planting of Radiata pine and Douglas fir trees, was undertaken between the years 1994 – 2000. It has an enviable social and environmental record in New Zealand and all its forest estates are now FSC certified. Currently, it is the 5th largest forest owner in New Zealand.

Its subsidiaries are:
Blue Mountain Lumber Limited
The Lumberbank New Zealand Limited
Blackbourn Holdings Limited
Ernslaw Logistics Limited
TLB Timber Pty Limited
Prime Sawmills Limited
Naseby Lumber Limited

Ernslaw One’s other businesses are plastic manufacturing, housing development and salmon farming. To obtain further information, please click on the following links:

Neil Corporation Limited
New Zealand King Salmon Co. Limited

ClickClack Limited
Contact Information:
Contact Person: Thomas Song, Managing Director
Address: 322, Neilson Street, Private Bag 92826, Penrose Auckland 1642, New Zealand.
Tel.: 64-9-6222080